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The blog articles were written from experience and we offer products from the most established manufacturers in the marine industry, many of them used on our own boats.

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From the Captain:

I was inspired to create NewYorkCitySailor.com when a guy who had just bought his first sailboat approached me in the boatyard. He had questions about what to do and what products would work to get his vintage C&C on the water. After guiding him I realized it’d be great to put a site up and pass the knowledge I’ve gained on to others, including all the deals I’d found along the way…

I’ve been sailing since I was a kid. Through trial and error, research, dumb luck, and by plodding through seemingly insurmountable tragedies I’ve become a seasoned boat owner, (with the scars on my knuckles to prove it…)

Lucky for you that you’ve found my site. Hopefully I can save you some time, money, frustration, and busted knuckles…

Whether you’re new or seasoned, there’s something here for you, and if you have suggestions, product recommendations, tips, and even complaints, I’m all ears. Click HERE to email me.

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Fair Winds and Following Seas,
– David “VIKING” Damiecki